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Imagine a room full of curious listeners sitting in a semi-circle around a costumed story teller.  She is saying:

"Reach into your back pocket and pull out your Imagination Hat. Stretch it until it fits. Put it on. Now, together, let's look into this pile of clay ... and meet ... and make ... a Storyclay® character ..."  

And so begins a Storyclay® Telling.

Though no two Storyclay® Tellings are exactly alike, there are some similarities.


Summer Library Programs:

Maureen is scheduling now for 2019.

How it works:

The session always start with a basket of multi-colored clay, and it always ends up with a one-of-a-kind little character who becomes the property of the group - or one special person in the group.

FORMAT: The group, with Maureen's direction, creates an imaginative clay character complete with its name and story. Some participants will get to choose and prepare clay, while others will choose the personality, etc., of the character. Maureen does most of the actual clay sculpting and building, but the whole group does take ownership due to their important part in determining the direction of the story.

Among other things, the group will decide the character's history, the layout of its house, its favorite activities, and, perhaps, even the contents of its refrigerator. And there are always some unexpected questions - and unexpected answers. Maureen will continue to sculpt and form the clay all the while that the story is being woven together. The clay characters generally do reflect the interests of the individual group, though she tries to steer the story into non-violent, age-appropriate areas.

The ages of participants can vary from 3 to 100, and in any combination, with mixed ages being the most fun.

Children under 5 are required to have adults accompany them.

StoryClay Tellings

Group size: Groups are limited to 35 or less (with younger participants sitting on the floor). Small numbers allow for the involvement of each participant.

Time: Each Storyclay® Telling session is from 30 - 60 minutes long, depending on the age of participants and requirements of the group.


Location and cost: Your place, within 8 miles of Maureen's in Jordan or in Prior Lake, MN, is $90 for one session, $60 each for two or more sessions.

Location and cost: Your place, within the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, $150 for one session, $75 each for two sessions, $60 each for 3 or more sessions

Note: For the above costs, sessions need to be at one location with sessions scheduled so that there is at least 10 minutes but not more than 1 hour between sessions

If outside the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, contact Maureen to discuss additional travel expenses (651-460-0725)


For more information, or to schedule a Storyclay® Telling, contact Maureen at 651-460-0725(Jordan) or 952-447-3828(home office). Maureen's

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