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Updates from Maureen

The Santa Playshop
is now available
as either
a DVD Class
or an
ON-LINE Video Class.


Settled in to Water Street Apartment

found us, Dan and Maureen
Carlson, as well as Wee Folk Creations
and the Maureen Carlson Studio, all
settled into our Jordan, MN USA location.
To order molds or for pricing information:

Pictured below is Mold wf1.
Mold wf1 was inspired
by the
Pippsywoggins, Maureen's
 Little Friends
from the Edge of Imagination.
Mold wf1 mold wf1 samples 1

Faces are approximately
1 inch (2.5 cm) tall, from

bottom of chin to top of head.

The 5 characters below
were made with polymer
clay faces, hands and feet with
fabric/fiber hair and clothing.

The 3 characters below were made
with polymer clay faces, hands and
feet as well as the hair and clothing.
Mold wf 1 samples dressed mold wf1 sample 2
Molds F21 through F26

The 6 molds pictured below are all

approximately 2 inches (5 cm) tall
from bottom of chin to top of head.

Three sample faces are shown from each mold, showing just a few of the possibilities for tweaking

these molds to get different faces.

To order molds or for pricing information:
the Plume Poppies  August 3, 2017


Everything is growing like weeds
this year in Minneosta USA, including
our 4-year granddaughter. These
leaves were used in many of Dan's stepping stones.

Maureen Carlson and Carol Simmons

Floral Dreamscapes Class

A unique experience in Creativity,
Technique and Imagination


October 27, 2016


These past 10 months have been a bit of a blur, getting our Prior Lake, MN house ready to sell and beginning the sorting out of the studio at Maureen's so that Dan and I could move in to part of that space.

Well, we still haven't made the move, but we're half way there! Our house is on the market and we've begun the change-over at the Jordan, MN location.

In the meantime, we're still working at the business, Maureen teaching occasional classes and leading Storyclay Telling events at libraries and classrooms.and Dan producing new molds.

 Dan picking apples

Pictured above is Dan, picking apples at our Prior Lake location. Dan and I planted both of these trees in the early 80's. The apple tree was loaded this year, and the Maple was glorious. It will be sad to say goodbye to these trees.


Mineral Point, Wisconsin USA
October 17 - 22, 2016
Floral Dreamscapes
Co-taught with Carol Simmons

Pat Stirnimum's Floral Dreamscape

Pictured is Patricia Stirnimum's Floral Dreamscape that she created in this class.

If you're on Facebook, you can see more photos from the class here:
Floral Dreamscapes Facebook Album



Carol and I will be teaching this class again November 6 - 11. 2017 in Albuquerque, NM, hosted by Annie Hooten.

More info coming soon.



Maureen's Shake Rag Alley Classes in 2017

Maureen will be teaching a combination class at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

Students will decide between creating a Stackables Mixed-Media Figurative Sculpture or a Character Walking Stick.
Lots of learning opportunities!

Dates are August 12 - 13, 2017

If you haven't been there before, you're in for a delightful experience. See more here:
Shake Rag Alley Facebook Album

Shake Rag Alley Website


Shake Rag Alley





December 5 and 6, 2015

It's our Celebration Open House weekend, the Grand Finale for this adventure that we named Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts.

This part of the journey is coming to a close as the grand old building at 102 Water Street morphs into our private studio and workshop, and the home of Wee Folk Creations, our mail order and on-line business. The journey continues, just not is quite the same way.

Curious? So are we, but excited, too, to open the doors and see what adventure awaits us .....

Come Celebrate with Us!

Maureen and Dan Carlson
Reissued in NEW FORMAT: B18

2-inch Boots

 Maureen created the Boot Mold in the 1990's as a resin mold, which was licensed to AMACO.

It sold during the 1990's and early 2000's, and
then was retired in that format.

We have brought it back again as a flexible
silicone rubber mold.

Why? Because we think it's such a great mold.

And YOU asked for it!

The clay boots, made from Boot Mold B 18, were stretched and tweeked to fit the mood of these fanciful Fairy-Sun dolls, pictured at left. The sun faces were made using Design Mold #25.
This SMILING WOMAN 1 3/4-inch face mold is also a  reissue of a previous resin mold that was
 licensed to AMACO by Maureen.

It was previously listed as What a Character Mrs. Santa Face #19. We're renamed it for a
more generic use. After all, you don't have to
be a Mrs. Santa to have a smiling face!
These two dolls were made using Mold F19, the Smiling Woman Face, and B18, the 2-inch boot mold.

Yes, they really were made from the same mold
from which the Fairy-Sun boots were made!

Look what Maureen's students created at the Cabin Fever Creative Arts Festival (or CFCF) in February 2015: 

Small Jointed Dolls Class Photos

Spinners and Whirligigs & The Balancing Act Class Photos

What a great trip Maureen had to the
Baltimore area in February 2015 to teach at Cabin Fever, to visit Mari O'Dell and to teach a StoryBead Necklace Class for the Baltimore Bead Society.

Pictured at right, in Mari O'Dell's "Treehouse" studio, are Mari and Kathryn Ottman.

Kathryn is the founder and organizer of the
Cabin Fever Creative Arts Festivals.

See more photos here

And on Facebook ...
These two pumpkin guys were made using our What a Charcter Push Molds F5, F9 and F10, for the big guy on the left. He has a wire armatured body with felt clothes. Alcohol inks give him color variations. This little pumpkin walker was amde using our What a Character Push Mold #F1. He has sculpted hands, but our mold F10 could be used for oversized hands.

by Maureen Carlson

Now Available at your favorite booksellers as well as at

Clay Creation Workshop

To watch the STORY VIDEO that was inspired by this book, click here:
 A Day in the Sun at

A Day in the Sun video
An Abundance of Elves Waiting for Step 2 ... Faces are all made from our molds F3, F4, F5 and F6.

For more info, go to our Wee Folk Creations site:
Our Etsy site:

Clay Creation Workshop

100+ Projects to Make
 with Air Dry Clay

More info as soon as we have it!
This book replaces the originally scheduled Awesome Clay Animals and Cool Clay. The publisher, North Light Books, decided to combine the two books and make a single, larger volume. Good idea! I've seen a digital copy. Looks great!

This was a really fun book to work on, especially since I had help from Renee Carlson. Reminded me of 30 years ago when we were prepping for our Renaissance Festival days. This is the first book that we've worked on together.
Can't wait to share it with you all.
Latest News!

New Book From Maureen Carlson
Scheduled Release March 2014

Clay Creation Workshop
The Storykeeper Pattern
and Facemold #F7 and Hand Mold 11 are now available as
Downloadable Projects

Need Someone to Listen to your story?

Maureen is now available for spiritual direction appointments.



From our archives .... 1989
What's old is new again ........See our original
And we're still here ....2012
videos reissued in DVD format: Video Info

Have you received your April 2012 issue of PolymerCAFE'?  Maureen's Beads-On-A-Stick are on the cover.

You can purchase it at booksellers or from


You can create
Beads on a String
Dangle Doll Angel

with our NEW

Downloadable PDF File

Available FREE for a limited time

Especially for our NEWSLETTER READERS

Download by March 19, 2012

Make Charming Ornaments

Bead Mold

<------- Turn plain
into marvelous

<--- ^ --->
Pictured here are different versions of the top middle face from mold B2.  All samples were created with polymer clay. 

After adding embellishments and baking to harden, the ornament was colored with alcohol inks and Coptic markers.


Mold B2

The above samples were made with the top-middle face from this mold.

To order molds, go to

B ----->

The samples below were made with the bottom-middle face from this mold.

Use Bead Mold  B
Make a Christmas Elf


<------- Turn plain
into marvelous



<--- ^ --->
Pictured here are different versions of the middle-bottom face from mold B.  All samples were created with polymer clay. 

After adding embellishments and baking to harden, the ornament was colored with alcohol inks and Coptic markers, then strung with beading thread.


If you get most of your learning on-line, go to Cynthia Tinapple's blog at Polymer Clay Daily.  It's a fantastic site with something new every day.  She's always searching for new info, so send her your favorite polymer clay links.