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Maureen is Teaching in 2018,
but "on the road",
maybe at a location near you.

Maureen's 2018 SCHEDULE

MAY 3 - 6: 2 Classes hosted by Annie Hooten in
Albuquerque, NM USA

MAY 12: Tour of Fairy Houses
Shake Rag Alley in
Mineral Point, Wisconsin USA

AUGUST 3 - 5: 3 classes at
Shake Rag Alley in
Mineral Point, WI USA

SEPT./OCT: Floral Dreamscapes with Carol Simmons, Crossgar,
Northern Ireland

OCTOBER 10 - 14: Fantasy Week in Jordan, MN USA

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Question: What Happened to Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts?

Answer: On December 5 and 6, 2015, we celebrated all that has happened here, shed a fear tears, hugged and laughed and told stories. Then we did some group envisioning for the future.

Now we have begun the change-over to the next part of our journey.

Once we have settled in, this location will be our home studio and office.
Our workshop and studio will be open by appointment with, maybe, an occasional sale or garden party.

Stay in touch!

We'll stay in touch via our newsletters.

 102 Water Street
Jordan, MN USA



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