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Class # mc101018

October Fantasy Week
with Maureen Carlson

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9:30 AM Wednesday, October 10, 2018 through Sunday, October 14, 2018, 4:30 PM.

Begins at 9:30 AM on Wednesday and continues for 5 days, with evening studio time. Ends at 4:30 PM on Sunday.

The Maureen Carlson Studio
102 Water Street 

Jordan, MN USA

Class Fee: $450 plus supplies

Materials Fee: Varies depending on supplies used

Experience Level: All levels

Format: 5 -day class

Class Minimum: 1
Class Maximum: 7

October Fantasy Week
5 Days of Polymer Clay Exploration and Discovery

Instructor: Maureen Carlson

Class Description:  If you could create anything that you wanted to from polymer clay and mixed media supplies, what would you make?  Would it be a character, a doll, a wall piece, decorative items, jewelry or yard art?  Would it be made from polymer clay or fabric, Apoxie Sculpt or paper?  Would it involve paint or ink or textures, items from nature or from the local antique stores?

While Maureen doesn't promise that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible during Fantasy Week, she does promise that this will be a week for concentrating on your dreams and visions of artistic success.

Students will be encouraged to imagine, to plan, to learn, to play, to get in touch with that part which yearns to create.  The focus will be on setting an atmosphere where wonderful things might happen, and usually do

Most anything that Maureen teaches in her polymer clay and mixed media repertoire of classses can be set as your intention for your Fantasy Week at Maureen's?






Chess Set

Door Knobs



How it Works: On the opening day, each student will plan what he or she would like to accomplish during the week.  From those plans, Maureen will then do group and individual lessons to help students accomplish their goals.  There will be emphasis on face sculpting, shape-making and polymer clay techniques, as those are Maureen's focus as a teacher, but the studio holds a wide range of resources and inspiration, so expect to be surprised, and delighted!


Supplies needed for class More Supplies Also bring

* Polymer clay
, any brand except Sculpey III: a selection of your favorite colors, including clay for skin if you intend to make people.  You will probably need enough clay to make 4 to 8 characters, animals or "beings".  The exact amount of clay will depend on how detailed and how large of characters you wish to make.  Each student will set his or her agenda for the week as to how many pieces to make.  We also have clay at Maureen's which you can purchase.

Note: you may also choose to use Apoxie Sculpt or air-drying clay for your projects.

* Plastic bags for leftover clay
* Paring knife or utility knife
* Knitting needles in a variety of sizes, including one that is a size 6, 7 or 8
* Small brushes, including a liner (size 0 or 1), a flat or filbert (sizes 2 and 4)
*Sharp needle tool
* Favorite sculpting tools
* Photos or pictures of a person, animal or characters that appeal to you
* One quote or photo that inspires you 
* Pasta Machine (no motors, please) - only if you are driving here - not necessary if you are flying as there are some at Maureen's that you can borrow
* Paper towels or hand towel
* Non-alcohol hand wipes
* Index cards
* aluminum foil

*Things to show what you have been making - or want to make.  Photos are OK.
* A joke or 2
* A favorite CD for evening studio time
* A favorite children's picture book - if you have one

A Zen Garden

Is it a Dreamscape?

A Landscape?

A Fairyscape?

Or is it just an escape into wonder and imagination?

You get to choose.

You're telling the story.

Note: The flowers in the pictured garden were created by Carol Simmons as part of her exploration of color. She graciously allowed Maureen to use them as part of a collaborative project that they did.

Students in the Fantasy Week class can choose to create flowers, but they will be simpler flowers, done with basic millefiori and alcohol ink techniques.

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 class # mc101018
October  10 - 14, 2018
Fantasy Week with Maureen Carlson

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